Basically called International English, Offshore English is that type of English written and spoken by non-native speakers when communicating internationally. In simpler terms, it is the English language that links native and non-native English speakers. Even if English is arguably the No. 1 International language, Offshore English remains the most spoken English in the world. It has been a known fact that many people in the international business space are quite uncomfortable in communicating with native speakers which acts as a barrier for them. There have been past scenarios that establishes this fact; one instance was when a French company won a contract over their British counterpart to supply flight stimulators to South Korea and this was achievable because the buyers easily understood the English spoken by the French Company compared to that of the British company.


Numerous native English speakers have a culture of feeling less interested in learning other foreign languages; hence they tend to understand little or nothing about the challenges new learners encounter. They mostly use phrasal verbs, synonyms, colloquialisms and idioms when communicating with a non-native speaker just to avoid modifying their language which in turn affects their impact in the international business space. The term ‘Offshore English’ was birthed out of the need for the international community to communicate with a ‘Common English’. Several courses on Offshore English are currently offered in several countries with the aim of securing jobs in countries like New Zealand, UK, USA and Australia.

Some Other Varieties of English

British English:


This form of English is written and spoken throughout the United Kingdom and the British Isles but with slight regional variations. Its origin can be traced back to Anglo- Frisian dialects which were introduced to Britain by Germanic settlers.

American English:


This English language is written and spoken in the United States, and wholly embraced in Canada. Being the language mostly spoken in the United States, it is considered ‘de facto’ language of the nation as it is used by the Federal Government. 32 out of 50 state governments in the US have given official acceptance to English Language. 

Australian English:


Even though English has no official place in the Australian constitution, it is undoubtedly the most spoken language. In 1788, after the founding of New South Wales, Australian English started to divert from British English and was officially accepted in 1820.

Canadian English:


This form of English Language is native to Canada with about 57% (19 million) of its population adopting it as their first language while 22% still stick to Canadian- French according to a 2011 census. Reverend A. Constable Geikie was the first to coin the term ‘Canadian English’ in 1857 during his speech to the Canadian Institute.

Indian English:


India is known worldwide as one of the linguistically diverse regions. English was introduced in the 1830s and fully replaced Persian as India’s first language, many Indians now associate the language more with economic growth far less than with colonialism.


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